The Effects of Acidosis on Health

Eating acid-producing foods makes the body acidic. I learned this the hard way when I suffered for years from burning urine. Sometimes the laboratory test showed there was no urinary tract infection, urine-test-1006795_960_720but the urine was highly acidic. Acid was basically burning my urinary tract, probably destroying my kidneys slowly. That is now in the past. I stopped eating foods that cause acid to build up in the body and the problem stopped.

A certain young man was not so lucky. He was in and out of hospital. He was anemic and had several blood transfusions. When I asked what the doctors were saying he told me they said he was acidic. He was actually on an alkalizer drip when I asked him. The doctors were trying to alkalize the body through external means while ignoring the reason why he was acidic. I told him he had to help himself by completely changing his diet in order to make the body alkaline. He did not change. He died a few months after our conversation.

blood-test-1291127_960_720The body tries to normalize the acid environment by re-balancing your acidity-alkalinity using the alkaline food that you eat. If you do not eat alkaline food, it uses alkaline reserves (kept for emergencies). When the body runs out of alkaline reserves, and there is no alkaline food, you get an alkaline deficit. Then the body breaks down its own protein and the calcium in your bones to use as neutralizer for the acid.

When the calcium in your bones is leached over time, you get osteoporosis, i.e. your bones become brittle and shrunk. When body protein breaks down your muscles shrink and get very flabby. As a result of acidosis, you become a sick, shrunk, brittle old person, even before you should grow old.

Once the alkaline reserves are gone and the body can no longer re-balance the alkaline-acidity levels, it will concentrate acid into the weakest parts of your body. These are your kidneys, liver and colon. At this point cancer is about to develop. 

You have created a good environment for disease. An acidic body is a weak body. It is an easy host for bad bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses. When you develop a disease, acidity is usually the reason. Maybe your kid brings a cold from pre-school this week, but do you have to catch that cold? NO! Your body should fight back. But the truth is that you are so ready to be sick that your body cannot resist. And, unless you change, you will catch every passing disease. A blood test will show that your body is highly acidic.blood2-1291132_960_720

Cancer and other large diseases do not just happen to us, they are created by people. Human Beings are responsible for most of their own health problems. In addition to destroying the body’s ability to absorb nutrients, acidosis also decreases energy production in the cells, it decreases the body’s ability to repair damaged cells, it makes tumor cells thrive and grow and makes the body more prone to illness and fatigue.


Below is a list of health problems that are caused or contributed to by acidosis:

Bladder problems                               Headaches                                 Obesity                                           Cancers                                                  High blood pressure               Osteoporosis
Cardiovascular disease                     Hives                                             Premature aging
Chronic fatigue/low energy            Hormonal problems                 Rheumatoid arthritis
Constipation                                        Joint pain                                     Stomach ulcers
Depression                                            Kidney stones                            Stressed out feelings
Diabetes                                                 Lupus                                            Susceptibility to infections
Eye inflammations                             Muscle aches                              Tuberculosis
Colo rectal cancer                                Nasal congestion                      Stroke

The good news…
The body is an amazing creation that can bounce back from the effect of bad habits. So even if you have been in a chronic acidic state for years, you can still derive great benefits (and probably live much longer) if you help your body to regulate its pH.

How do you do this? Glad you asked. The most effective way to combat acidosis in the body is by avoiding foods that are acid-forming to the body. Generally your diet should consist of at least 60% alkaline foods and no more than 40% acid-forming foods. If you are in a chronic state of acidosis, in order to help restore health your diet should be 80% alkaline foods and no more than 20% acid-forming foods.


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