14 Health Benefits of Cucumbers

Like all vegetables, cucumbers are full of health benefits. The cucumber is one of the best vegetables because it is eaten raw. As you know raw food keeps 100% of nutrients and enzymes whereas cooked food loses some of its nutrients and enzymes through heat.

cucumber-685704_960_720 You can eat cucumbers in salads or in a smoothie or juiced. At the health spa they serve cucumber-infused water because of the health benefits of the cucumber, of which it has many, as you will see below. Some people have now adopted the practice of carrying cucumber water in plastic bottles. You too can adopt the practice to stay hydrated while benefiting from the nutrients. Infuse the cucumber slices in the water for at least an hour. If you want to carry cucumber water, infuse your water overnight, leave the bottle in the fridge, and grab it in the morning and enjoy! Cucumber slices are light and they float on water. Now there are fruit-infused-water pitchers on the market. The special pitchers hold the cucumber slices in an infusion chamber.

Here are some of the many health benefits of cucumbers.

1. Cucumbers are 95% water therefore they provide the body with hydration.

2. Cucumbers eliminate toxins from the body. Cucumber juice is diuretic, encouraging waste removal through urination and helping in the dissolution of kidney stones.

3. Cucumbers are alkaline in the body after digestion. So they are effective in neutralizing acidity, thus regulating the body’s pH value.

4. Cucumbers contain three lignans, i.e. lariciresinol, pinoresimol and secoisolariciresimol, which are good for preventing cancer. Cucumbers also contain cucumbers2-849269_960_720antioxidants such as Kaempferol, an antioxidant flavonoid that is known to fight cancer and prevent heart disease, according to Dr. Mercola.

5. According the Natural News, cucumbers contain phytochemicals that provide the body with a quick pick-up similar to drinking coffee or a soda. That is a good reason to start drinking cucumber water all day.

6. Natural News says cucumbers are good for fighting bad breath. Press a slice on the roof of the mouth for 30 seconds, so that the phytochemicals in the cucumber kill the bacteria that cause bad breath.

7. Cucumbers are good for the skin. They are high in Vitamin C and caffeic acid that help to protect the skin from sun-damage. The Vitamin C boosts development of collagen and elastin which keep the skin looking good. The skin of the cucumber reduces inflammation caused by sunburn if you apply it topically. If you place a slice over each eye and leave it for at least 30 minutes, it reduces puffiness. Most of us have seen or experienced this at the beauty salon.

8. Cucumbers contain manganese, silicon, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, and sulphur sodium, which slow down hair loss and boost hair growth. Use a hair mask (puree half a cucumber, olive oil, an egg and mayonnaise) once or twice a month to get shiny, smooth, and manageable hair.

9. If you are drunk and you eat a few slices of cucumber before going to bed at night, it prevents hangover.

10. If you eat cucumbers daily, your digestion improves, you prevent constipation, and you reduce levels of bad cholesterol.

11. Cucumbers are a “super food”, meaning they are nutrient rich. Anything that is nutrient rich is good for health. Cucumbers contain most of the nutrients that the body cucumber3-1309564_960_720needs throughout the day, such as beta-carotene, manganese, vitamin A, B vitamins, vitamin C, iron and calcium. This has been confirmed by the United States Department of Agriculture.

12. Cucumbers cool down the stomach reducing heartburn.

13. A full cucumber has about 30 calories, and no fat. Eat cucumbers as part of your weight loss plan.

14. Cucumbers stabilize blood pressure. People who suffer from high blood pressure, often find that eating cucumber brings relief.

Cucumber originated from South Asia, was introduced to Europe by the Romans during the days of the Roman Empire, but now it is cultivated on all continents.



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