Preface – Top Secrets of Health

The world is sick. People are sick. New illnesses that we never knew before are now being discovered. We are sick and new diseases are being discovered every month. Diseases ravage us, leaving us bent and sick and aged prematurely. Why? It is amazing how we just accept these illnesses in our lives and accept the less than perfect treatments that mask symptoms and never deal with causes.

book-coverAlmost none of us express the Power that is inherent within us in any areas of our lives, not even to heal ourselves. Fate plays us like football. Corrupt people exercise cohesive power over us, forcing us to think and act as they wish us to. Established beliefs and practices about health keep us mentally limited. We never question the establishment’s apparent lack of knowledge and wisdom about health.

Imagine¬†living free from disease, feeling a lot of energy, working long hours and never feeling tired, and living pain-free even during the golden years! Imagine looking so young that people mistake you for your own child’s friend! Imagine walking with a spring in your step during your golden years, instead of shuffling on limbs twisted with arthritis. Imagine spending your retirement money on travel and fun instead of paying for prescription drugs for chronic illnesses.

All that is possible. If you lack health and fitness right now, you can regain perfect health and fitness. If you are tired of being obese and unattractive, you can lose weight, gain muscle and look great. If you suffer from constant exhaustion, you can gain unlimited energy. If you are sick, you can heal your body and become perfect again. If you suffer from stress, you can learn how to relax. If negative thinking, feelings, and attitudes are causing disharmony in your body and your world, you can transform all that to hope, positivity and harmony. If a bad habit has you in its grip and all looks grim, you can overcome it and be free.

You can make any change you want to make to your body, your mind and your feelings. But it is all a matter of choice. You have to make the right choices and the right decisions that will enhance your well-being.

If perfect health is all you want then you can create it in your life, and enjoy a long healthy life. If spiritual growth is what you want, then a perfect and pure body is a good foundation on which to build. You will not focus on pain and suffering because your choices ensure perfect health and purity. Rather you will focus on your spirit and your soul and achieve Mastery.

With Mastery you become unlimited! But first, take control of your health, and attain good health. This is what this book is all about.


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