How I Lost Weight Naturally

I lost weight by mistake in 2008. Here is what happened.

For more than ten years I suffered from fatigue, frequent burning urine, viginitis, swollen feet, skin breakouts, indigestion, flatulence, constipation. Burning urine really burns! Anybody who has ever suffered from it knows the urgency of wanting to pee badly only to pass a few teaspoons of urine with a lot of pain. With this problem I just had to see the doctor once I had a problem. I noticed that sometimes it was a problem of urinal tract infection, and at other times it was just high acidity! That got me thinking…..

I tried to solve the problem of skin breakouts with monthly facials and expensive skincare products. No improvement. And to think that as a teenager I never had a problem like other young people! Argh! And for someone who was always slim, I had put on a lot of weight, and I weighed 76kg at some point. My husband mentioned the weight for the first time in 25 years of marriage.

In 2006 I started do my own research on health. Because of the internet I found old books, some more than 100 years old, which kept mentioning food as a huge factor in health.

Over the years I had developed menstrual pain which I never had as a young woman. At the end of 2007 my gynecologist said I had fibroids. Up to now I don’t know if it was true or not, but I know for sure that I used to have pain during sexual intercourse. He told me to book for a hysterectomy early in 2008. I never booked.

In January 2008 I stopped consuming all foods and beverages that make the body acidic, i.e. I stopped eating all meats, dairy products and coffee. I started to eat fruits in the morning and all morning. I had vegetarian food at lunch and at supper time. I had to learn how to cook vegetarian meals.

By the end of April 2008, all my symptoms had disappeared! No more indigestion. I was now hungry in the morning and started eating in the morning, which I never did before. No more constipation! No more painful gas. No more swollen feet! Finally I had lots of energy and I started arriving at the office earlier than most people. The pain during intercourse stopped. I saw another gynecologist around March 2008 and he said I had no fibroids. Up to now I don’t know if I had fibroids and healed them with food, or whether my other gynecologist wanted to perform surgery for profit. Eventually the menstrual pain went away too.

The I had lost 14kg, which I never really set out to do. Everyone mentioned the weight loss, and some would say I needed to stop the “diet”. I was not on a weight loss diet. I was on a mission to heal my body with food. I succeeded very well to heal my body and 8 years later I still do not have those old symptoms.

I sought health, and weight loss came naturally. I still believe that if a person seeks health and eats health-giving foods while exercising moderately, that person will lose weight naturally and look younger.

That is why I wrote the book called Lose Weight Naturally and Look Younger available HERE

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